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Signs a Furnace Repair is Needed

No matter how advanced, sophisticated, or expensive your furnace is, in reality, it never will last forever. For the most part though, a furnace is expected to last 15 years before you develop headaches due to constant repairs. But then again, there’s no way your furnace will last that long if you don’t value proper and regular maintenance.

If you want your furnace at home to reach the maximum lifespan it is built for, then you should at least learn the signs that a repair is needed; obviously, you don’t have to do the fix yourself as you always can call a professional service technician to do that for you.

1 – You forgot to have your furnace serviced in a year or even longer.

Can you figure out when was the last time you called a professional to examine or inspect your furnace? So, if it already is impossible to determine when was the last time you had you furnace checked, then it only means one thing: you need to have it checked and fixed right away. The lack of inspection could even mean that you have not changed your filter for a very long time.

2 – There’s water pooling around the furnace.

Every furnace is prone to having leaks, whether it is gas, oil, or even water. While you wouldn’t worry that much if water is leaking, but if the leak is gas or oil, then that’s way more serious. The most obvious sign of the presence of a water leak is pooling near or underneath the surface. It is important that you call in a qualified furnace repair technician right away if there is a leak because it could be your condensate line failing or clogging, which eventually will result to the furnace’s inability to produce heat.

3 – There is that dangerous smell of gas leaking.

It’s true that a gas leak is an emergency situation, but the good thing is that whenever there’s a leak, it’s very easy to detect because of the smell. First of all, you need to prevent a major accident from happening by shutting the furnace down right away once you realize there’s a leak. Next, you need to find out where the gas supply valve is inside your furnace to turn it off. Be reminded that lights shouldn’t be turned on during a leak, more so that of lighting a match while you’re waiting for the local furnace repair technician to arrive.

4 – All of a sudden, your utility bills unexpectedly increase.

Lastly, if you feel like you utility bills have increased quite significantly, there’s a good chance that it’s because of your furnace not being in tiptop condition, forcing it to work harder and use more fuel than usual. Well, it makes sense to tap the services of a qualified technician to have a look at your furnace to find out what’s causing it to work harder than it should.

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