How to Turn An HVAC System Into Air Machines To Smell Good For A Home Or Business

No matter how clean a home or business may be, there are still allergens and pollutants in the air that can cause the interior of a building to smell bad. Rather than dealing with the smell or trying to eradicate it through the use of sprays and candles, consider installing air machines to smell good in the HVAC equipment of the space. It will help combat foul odors and provide a home or business with a pleasant aroma that will make guests and visitors feel comfortable as soon as they enter. Here is a quick look at how they work.

No Heat Required

One of the greatest benefits to an HVAC based air freshener is that the unit does not require the use of heat, which allows it to be operated in both hot and cold weather. The machine needs access to a standard electrical outlet and uses cold diffusion technology to release the aroma and disperse it into the air duct system of an HVAC system. This allows a constant stream of pleasant air to be delivered into the space being heated or cooled.

Equipment Setup

The equipment is simple to setup and requires the use of the discharge chamber and the system control panel. Just place the discharge chamber into the air return system and connect it to the control panel. Once the device is in place, activate the control panel and set up the intensity level of the aroma, and that’s it. The machine operates automatically and is activated when the flow of air is detected.

Refill Cartridges

Though it depends on the intensity level the unit is set at, most scent cartridges last for up to 1 month before needing to be replaced. Replacing the cartridge is simple, and only requires removing the old canister and replacing it with the new one. There is a huge variety of scents available, which allows anyone to find the perfect smell for the inside of their home or business.

Don’t let a foul odor create an unpleasant experience for visitors or guests. Check out the automated HVAC systems available from Aromatech, and see how they have revolutionized the diffuser industry. Check out their website to learn more and take the first step in ensuring an interior space smells as pleasant as possible.

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