On Keffiyeh: My Thoughts Explained

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The Keffiyeh – What it Is and What it Signifies

The Keffiyeh (or kufiya) is a headdress traditionally used in the Middle East usually of cotton fabric as well as fashioned out of a square wrap. Its other names include a shemagh, ghutrah, hattah, chafiye, mashadah, and cemedani. We see them being worn typically by Arabs, as well as by Iranic nomads (particularly Kurds) and by several Mizrahi Jews. These are commonly seen in regions that are very dry as they safeguard against sunburn, sand, and dust. While its unique pattern, which is the ordinary woven checkered, is presumed to have originated from a Mesopotamian representation in the old days of either ears of grain or fishing nets, the actual origin of the pattern is still undertermined.

Varieties and Modifications

Ordinary Keffiyeh
A piece that comes in white/black/orange fabric fashioned out of wool as well cotton seen primarily among Palestinians. The mixture of wool and cotton causes these keffiyehs to get dry quickly and, if desired, maintaining the head warm.
Figuring Out Headdress

The shemagh represents an ancient headgear tradition in the Middle East. Mostly worn by Jordanians and Saudi Arabians, this keffiyeh is typically fashioned from flax or cotton and embellished with a variety of colors although usually red together with white. This type of keffiyeh has cotton or woolen tassel decorations on the borders; the bigger the tassels, the more valuable garment is supposed to be and the greater the importance of the individual wearing such.

This keffiyeh comes in cotton mild white cloth that is typically seen being worn by western Iraqis and among the Arabs of the Persian Gulf.
The Key Elements of Great Clothing

This piece of garment is worn by the citizens of North Africa as well as Egypt.

Men, regardless of their age, wear the keffiyeh as a headgear or about the shoulders.

Keffiyeh Fashion

Just like all other wartime clothing articles, for instance the fatigues, T-shirt, and khaki pants, keffiyehs have been popular among the Western, non-Arab citizens. The keffiyeh became famous in the USA when bohemian females and punks donned keffiyehs like scarves all-around their necks when the First Intifada was stared in the late ’80s. In early 2000s, the keffiyeh became highly popular among the younger ones in Tokyo, and they often wore them alongside camouflage clothing. Such a fashion trend resurfaced in the US, Canada, Europe, and Australia in mid-2000 when keffiyehs became a popular fashion accessory, often used like a scarf all-around the neck in hipster groups. The keffiyeh is often worn to symbolize solidarity with Palestinian struggles, although its pattern as well as style has been converted into daily clothing designs by the fashion industry.

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