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The How-To’s of Shrub Pruning

Shrub pruning is the process to remove unwanted parts of the branches or roots of a shrub. Ornamental plants are made firm through pruning. Pruning improves the production of fruits in a plant. Elimination of excess branches help in the reduction of fire occurrence. Shrub pruning promotes healthy and vigor shrubs.

One thing to note is that pruning shrubs is a vital part of care and maintenance of your landscape. The beauty and appearance of shrubs are enhanced through proper timing to prune. When pruning is done at the inappropriate time results in the loss of flowers production annually because all the buds were cut off. shrub pruning needs to done at the most proper time, and one needs to understand the source of flowers bud.

It is vital to comprehend that flower buds form on either new wood or an existing wood depending on plant species. Winter is the best season to prune new shrubs before they become dormant. Existing shrubs need to be pruned after flowering.
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Pruning shrubs may also be termed as shearing shrubs. Shrub shearing is intended for aesthetic reasons and brings out occasionally occur. Shrub pruning leaves the plant more healthy and developed. Proper pruning of shrub maintains healthy shrubs.
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Besides, the natural shape of the shrub is still maintained even after pruning is done. More branches and stem shoot out as a result of shrub pruning. The beauty of a shrub is maintained through shrub pruning.

Removal of any dead branches needs to be the starting point of shrub pruning. Branches that do grow or crossing the inside the shrub need to be eliminated. They have no significant role to play in the development of the shrub and can inhibit the growth of desired branches by covering the inside of the plant. One need to find the best option of shrub pruning.

Removal of unwanted branches to maintain the natural shape of the shrub done at certain times of the year is the maintenance pruning. Maintenance pruning ensures there is the removal of long and lost branches. One need to arrive at the inner part of the shrub while carrying out the maintenance pruning. Also, they also need to note the point at which they will consider cutting the node since it is the end of the new growth.

Secondly, rejuvenation pruning is only reserved for older and existing shrubs. Maturity process may make the plant to lose power hence becomes sterile. Strength is returned through rejuvenation pruning.
Proper timing is vital in rejuvenation pruning. Early spring when the plants are dormant can be the best time for rejuvenation pruning.

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